Regular exercise is one of the main goals that you should achieve if you want to look fit and feel healthy. Many people are wondering why they should exercise, since exercise seems boring and repetitive to them. Honestly, if exercising bores you, you’re doing something wrong. Exercising should be fun. If you find exercising boring, you should change your routine often. If you don’t like going to the gym, perhaps you should try swimming, or do yoga. Anyhow, here are five reasons why you should exercise regularly, whatever sport, or activity you may choose to do.

1. You Will Be Fitter

Regular exercise will keep your body in a better shape. In the words, you will look fitter. The more exercise you do, the more calories you will burn. You will lose fat, but also you will be leaner and healthier. You won’t to go out of breath climbing up the stairs, and you could lift your own shopping bags. Therefore, if you want to be fitter, make sure that you exercise regularly.

2. You Will Be Healthier

In addition to being fitter, you will also be healthier. You will exercise your body regularly, which means that all parts of your body will perform its function on a regular basis. You will reduce the level of fat in your organism, which will in return influence your cholesterol, blood pressure, and many other things. Also, if you have lower blood pressure, you can bring it to normal levels by doing some regular cardio exercises.

3. You Will Be Happier

It is a well-known fact that when we exercise our body excretes hormones that a fact not our body only, but also our mood. Regular exercise will make you feel happier, not only would your body image, but happier altogether. You know, there is a reason why they call it “a runner’s high”. Therefore, if you want to use some legal drugs, you don’t have to look in distant places, you just have to use your body the right way.

4. You Will Make Friends

Exercising will bring you closer to people will also like to exercise, and in time you will make friends in your gym, or in classes that you go to. If your friends are not really leading a healthy lifestyle, perhaps you are following their example unconsciously. Making friends, who lead a healthy lifestyle, will influence your own lifestyle too.

You will make better choices for yourself and you will lead with your example, if you choose to change your lifestyle and include some exercising in it.

5. You Will Feel Better About Yourself

At the very end, it’s also important to mention that exercising will make you feel better about yourself generally. Just think about it, you will feel better about your body weight, you will feel better about your body image, you will feel better about your level of physical fitness, you will feel better about your health, you will feel like you can achieve everything you set your mind to (and you can), you will feel like you’re doing something good for yourself (and you are).

So what are you waiting for? Start exercising!