Most Common Air Conditioner Repairs

Many homeowners contact air conditioner repair technicians in Long Island whenever certain components fail. Most units function poorly when there is a refrigerant leak, an electrical failure, or a sensor problem. Inadequate maintenance and drainage issues can also affect how efficiently a unit operates.

Although air conditioner repair services are helpful, some issues can be solved without hiring a technician. For example, if a unit does not function properly, you should inspect the breakers or the fuses first. If there is a circuit breaker problem, reset the breakers after the air conditioner cools down. Were you aware that your choice in heating home can greatly impact your energy bill? Our home heating oil Long Island takes pride in providing energy efficient, home heating solutions.

If the refrigerant is low, the unit may have a leak. All leaks must be repaired immediately because refrigerant has toxic chemicals that affect the environment. A trained technician should implement all procedures to repair a leak because a simple error can cause major problems down the road. Professional air conditioner repair technicians always follow the manufacturer’s specifications when they charge the refrigerant.  For air conditioner repair long island trust Accurate AC & Heating.

All air conditioner units will produce less air if certain components are not serviced regularly. For example, if the air filters gather a lot of dirt, the air conditioner will not operate efficiently. If the air filters clog, the fans or the compressor will fail.

Throughout the summer, a typical air conditioner unit runs frequently. Problems usually occur during the summer because the components turn off and on constantly throughout the night and day. In some systems, the terminals and the wiring corrode; this is why the contacts and the electrical connections must be inspected regularly by a professional.

An air conditioner that provides cool air to a residential home has a thermostat sensor that is found near the control panel. The sensor measures the temperature of the air that travels around the evaporative coil. If the sensor is knocked out of place, the air conditioner will behave incorrectly. A sensor problem can be repaired without calling a professional repair technician. If adjustments are needed, move the sensor to a proper spot near the coil; however, the sensor should not touch the coil. All adjustment should be done delicately because you must protect the wires that hold the sensor in place.

Drainage issues usually occur on humid days. To solve this problem, inspect the condensate drain carefully for clogs. Most residential air conditioners will not drain correctly if they are mounted unevenly.