Paying for Weight Loss

by John on September 23, 2012

This is a guest post by Suzie Rathers.

Anyone who tells you that weight loss is cheap is kidding themselves and you. You need to invest in your weight loss plan no less than you need to invest in your retirement. And remember, that retirement won’t be nearly as long if you don’t get into shape now! And, you need to be thinking about how you will pay for all these expenses.

What are the expenses?

When you put together your budget for your weight loss plan what kind of expenses do you need to consider? Organic food is probably more expensive than what you have been buying. Protein powder, supplements and other vitamins can add up in cost. Of course the real money comes in when you start to talk about treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes and other exercise equipment.

Of course I could go into a lot more detail on what kinds of expenses you might have but really the key of this article is to discuss how to actually pay for these expenses, which I get to next.

How to pay for the expenses?

Now that you know what some of the expenses of your weight loss plan are you need to know how to pay for them. Here are three ways you can use to pay for your expenses:

They say cash is king and when it comes to paying for your weight loss expenses there is no question cash will eventually come into play. The questions is, do you pull the cash out of your pocket to pay for your expenses or do you go into debt to pay? The positive side of using cash is that if you are a serious budgetter than you live your life by only spending what you have, and when you have no cash you don’t spend it. This is a wise approach to take but can also make things very inflexible. What if you are getting paid tomorrow, have no cash today but see a really great piece of exercise equipment you have to have now?

Well, when you pay for your weight loss expenses with cash only then you have only one choice – you have to wait until you have the money. Bummer!

Credit Card
Credit cards are the opposite of cash. Need that treadmill today even though you don’t have any money? No worries! Put it on credit today, take it home and then pay for it once you do get the cash and can pay of your credit card bill. This technique works great if you have the disciple to actually pay your credit card bill off every month, but it can quickly snowball and you can find yourself in debt if you are not careful.

Pre-Paid Credit Card
A pre-paid credit card such as a prepaid mastercard is the perfect combination of paying with cash or credit card. You get the simplicity, convenience and security of a credit card while at the same time offering the budgeting aspects of cash. Instead of using your cash to buy things, you use your cash to load your pre-paid card. From then on you can use it exactly like a credit card, but just a credit card that you have already paid for.

Paying for your weight loss doesn’t have to be super expensive, but you still have to have a plan on how to pay for your expenses. My suggestion is that you look into a prepaid card that gives you the budgetability of cash with the convenience of a credit card.

But no matter how you pay for your weight loss plan, remember to do your best to keep at it. Good luck, and good health!

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